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Pharrell is quietly and consistently living out Kanye’s career aspirations. Fashion, music, curating, Pharrell effortlessly does them all. Pharrell does everything Kanye says they will not allow him to do. Pharrell lets his art speak. No antics, great art and a savvy business strategy.

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Enlightened by the fruit from her tree that never falls, food for thought as my mind wanders while I kneel at her feet rooted touching her skin, wanting to live in her canopy like a bird taking flight and never coming down as if the ground no longer exists to me, only she residing in my heart as it beats to the sound of music all our own drowning out all else like heavy rain in the lightless sky quenching my thirst as I dream out loud meditating with her sweet fragrance dancing in my nostrils like potpourri taking me away with her hands in mine…


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waterfall pose acro yoga #blacklove


A woman’s father need not be “absent” for her to potentially miss out on important lessons…Maintaining the fallacy of a flawless father figure won’t help your daughters develop the strengths they’ll need to manage relationships #FatherYourDaughters

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Your Love

a film by the pine brothers 

i like it

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